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Wyspa Spichrzów, Gdańsk

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In our interior design project for a sushi restaurant on Spichrzów Island in Gdańsk, we focused on combining nature and elegance to create a visually stunning impression. We drew inspiration from dark hues that reference volcanic stone, evoking the atmosphere of a tranquil Japanese garden during the evening twilight.

The interior captivates with its natural dark-toned wooden parquet flooring, adding character to the space. It contrasts with softly illuminated murals on the walls depicting motifs characteristic of Japanese art, such as koi carp, symbolizing strength and perseverance, giving the interior an additional character.

The fusion of raw, natural materials with subtly artistic accents imbues the restaurant with tranquility and elegance. It's a place where taste and aesthetics harmonize, inviting guests on a culinary journey and offering a space for finding inner peace.